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Collected Letters and Diaries

Abelard and Heloise: The LettersAbelard and Heloise: The Letters of Abelard and Heloise. Translated from the Latin by C. K. Scott Moncrieff. Guy Chapman. London: 1925. 4to. Dark blue buckram over bevelled boards; edges untrimmed. Pp. xx, 212. Printed in the Monotype reproductions of the roman type designed by Francesco Griffo of Bologna for Aldus Manutius and of the cursive of Antonio Blado. Hand-made—and watermarked—paper from Rives. Limited to 750 copies of which this is numbered 662. Unopened. Something poorly removed from the first free end-paper. Very good copy; no dust-wrapper. $65.00.

Aldington, Richard: An Autobiography in Letters. Edited by Norman T. Gates. Pennsylvania State University Press. University Park: 1992. First edition. 8vo. Cloth. Pp. xii, 402, (ii). Frontispiece. Annotated Index. Fine copy in dj. $22.00

Aldington, Richard: A Passionate Prodigality, Letters to Alan Bird From Richard Aldington 1949-1962. Edited with an Introduction by Miriam J. Benkovitz. New York Public Library & Redex Books. New York: 1975. First edition. 8vo. Cloth. Pp. xvi, 362. One of 1500 copies. Warmly inscribed by Miriam J. Benkovitz to Terry Risk. Edges foxed; else near fine copy in dj. $275.00

Aldington wrote these letters to Alan Bird, his collaborator at Oxford, when he was researching the life of T. E. Lawrence. The book he published, Lawrence of Arabia, A Biographical Enquiry, created a storm because it disputed the truth in some of Lawrence's stories about himself. Aldington's letters here have been scrupulously edited by Miriam J. Benkovitz who has included detailed notes which thoroughly identify the people and events involved.

Margaret Bonfiglioli: Full of Hope and FearBonfiglioli, Margaret and James Munson (edited by): Full of Hope and Fear, The Great War Letters of an Oxford Family. Oxford University Press. Oxford: 2014. First edition. 8vo. Boards. Pp. xlx, 392, (vi). Illustrated. Notes. Index. Fine copy in dust-jacket. $18.00

Carroll, Andrew (editor): Behind the Lines, Powerful and Revealing American and Foreign War Letters—and One Man's Search to Find Them. Scribner. New York: 2005. First edition. 8vo. Two-tone boards. Pp. (x), 502. Illustrated. Index. Fine copy in dj. $6.00

This includes a wide range of intimate and moving letters from various wars including the American Revolution and Civil War to the two World Wars and beyond to those of today.

Churchill, Winston and Clementine Churchill: Winston and Clementine, The Personal Letters of the Churchills. Edited by their daughter, Mary Soames. Houghton Miflin Company. Boston: 1999. First edition. 8vo. Cloth-backed boards. Pp. xxviii, 702, (vi). Illustrated: (32) pp. of plates. (6) maps. Select Family Tree. Biographical Notes. Nicknames and Aliases. Bibliography. Index. Price-clipped, else near fine copy in dj. $20.00

Coward, Noël: The Letters of Noël Coward. Edited and with Commentary by Barry Day. Knopf. New York: 2007. First edition. 8vo. Boards. Pp. (ii), xii, 784, (ii). Illustrated. Index. Small red dot on bottom edge; else fine copy in dj. $15.00

Du Maurier, Daphne: Letters from Menabilly, Portrait of a Friendship. Edited by Oriel Malet. M. Evans. New York: 1994. First edition. 8vo. Cloth-backed boards. Fine copy in dj. $15.00

Eliot, T. S.: The Letters, Volume I, 1898-1922. Edited by Valerie Eliot. Harcourt Brace Jovanovich. New York: 1988. First edition. 8vo. Cloth- backed boards. Fine copy in dj. $18.00

Antonia Fraser: Love LettersFraser, Antonia (chosen by): Love Letters, An Anthology. Wood engravings by Robert Gibbings. Weidenfeld & Nicolson. London: 2002. First edition thus (previously published in 1976). 8vo. Boards. Pp. xxii, 250. Fine copy in dj. Includes Declarations, Pleas, Rejections, Fears and Worries, Ecstacies, Passions, and more. $12.00

Ginz, Petr: The Diary of Petr Ginz 1941-1942. Edited by Chava Pressburger. Translated from the Czech by Elena Lappin. Atlantic Monthly Press. New York: 2007. First edition. Small 4to. Two-tone boards. Pp. xii, 180. Illustrated. Fine copy in fine dust-jacket. $12.00

Petr Ginz was 14 when he began this illustrated diary at Theresienstadt and 16 when he died at Auschwitz. In 2003 one of the astronauts, an Israeli aboard the ill-fated American space shuttle Columbia, took a drawing made by Petr Ginz with him into space. It was lost in the explosion. Because of the publicity over the disaster, someone in Prague got in touch with the Yad Vashem Museum offering to sell six exercise books which he had found in an old house in the city. They turned out to be this diary.

Hemingway, Ernest: The Letters of Ernest Hemingway, Volume 2, 1923-1925. Edited by Sandra Spanier, Albert J. DeFazio III, Robert W. Trogdon. General Editor’s Introduction by Sandra Spanier. Introduction to the Volume by J. Gerald Kennedy. Cambridge University Press. New York: 2013. First published. 8vo. Boards. Pp. lxxiv, 520, (iv). 6 maps. Illustrated: (16) pp. Notes on the text. Chronology. General Index. Fine copy in dj. $18.00

Hesse, Hermann and Thomas Mann: The Hesse-Mann Letters, Correspondence 1910-1955. Edited by Anni Carlson and Volker Michels. Translated from the German by Ralph Manheim. Annotations by Wolfgang Sauerlander. Foreword by Theodore Ziolkowski. Harper & Row. New York: 1975. First edition. 8vo. Cloth. Pp. xxiv, 196, (ii). Illustrated: (6) pp. of plates. Works Cited. Index. Fine copy in dj. $12.00

Isherwood, Christopher: Diaries, Volume One: 1939-1960. Edited and Introduced by Katherine Bucknell. Michael di Capua Books. London: 1996. First edition. 8vo. Cloth-backed boards. Fine copy in dj. $20.00

Kessler, Count Harry: Berlin in Lights, The Diaries of Count Harry Kessler (1918-1937). Translated and edited by Charles Kessler. Introduction by Ian Buruma. Grove Press. New York: 1999. First American Edition. 8vo. Cloth-backed boards. Pp. xx, 536. Illustrated. Index. Fine copy in dj. $16.00

John Maynard Keynes: Lydia and MaynardKeynes, John Maynard and Lydia Lopokova: Lydia and Maynard, Letters. Edited by Polly Hill and Richard Keynes. Andre Deutsch. London: 1989. First edition. 8vo. Cloth. Pp. 368. Illustrated: (16) pp. of plates. Dramatis personae. Key to names. Erratum slip laid in. Fine copy in dj. $12.00

Lawrence, T. E.: The Letters of T. E. Lawrence. Selected and edited by Malcolm Brown. J. M. Dent & Sons Ltd. London: 1988. First edition. 8vo. Boards. Pp. xxxii, 568. Maps. Select Bibliography. Index of Recipients. General Index, Near fine copy in dust-jacket. $40.00

Leigh Fermor, Patrick and Deborah Devonshire: In Tearing Haste, Letters Between Deborah Devonshire and Patrick Leigh Fermor. Edited by Charlotte Mosley. John Murray. London: 2009. Reprinted. Paper-bound. Pp. xxvi, 390. Illustrated: (16) pp. of plates, and drawings in the text. Index of Names and Nicknames. Index. Fine copy. $18.00

Lewis, Wyndham: The Letters. Edited by W. K. Rose. Methuen. London: 1963. First edition. 8vo. Cloth. Fine copy in dj. $55.00

Mitford, Nancy: Love From Nancy, The Letters. Edited by Charlotte Mosley. Houghton Mifflin. Boston: 1993. First edition. 8vo. Cloth-backed boards. Fine copy in dj. $28.00

Charlotte Mosley: The MitfordsMitford Sisters: The Mitfords, Letters Between Six Sisters. Edited by Charlotte Mosley. HarperCollins. New York: 2007. First U.S. edition. 8vo. Two-tone boards. Pp. xxiv, 834, (iv). Index of Nicknames. Family Tree. Illustrated: (32) pp. of plates. Index. Remainder mark on bottom edge; else fine copy in dj. $20.00

Nicolson, Harold: Diaries and Letters. Edited by Nigel Nicolson. Collins. London: 1966-68. First edition. Three 8vo volumes. Boards. Djs frayed, else very good set. $85.00

Harold Nicolson began keeping a diary from 1929 and continued it until October, 1964. He was a keen observer and wrote regularly about Parliament and in particular the influence of Churchill during the War. He was also close to such people as Virginia Woolf and Charles Lindbergh.

Nijinsky, Vaslav: The Diary of Vaslav Nijinsky. Translated from the Russian by Kyril Fitzlyon. Edited by Joan Acocella. Farrar, Straus and Giroux. New York, 1999. First American edition. 8vo. Cloth-backed boards. As new in dj. $18.00

This famous work of ‘confessional’ literature was only available previously in a translation by the author's wife which was edited by her in her own interests.

O'Keeffe, Georgia: Art and Letters. National Gallery of Art / New York Graphic Society Books / Little, Brown. Washington/Boston:1987. Edited by Jack Cowart andJuan Hamilton. Letters selected and annotated by Sarah Greenough. Foreword by J. Carter Brown. First edition. 4to. Case-bound in linen. Pp. x, 308. Illustrated. Notes to the Letters. Bibliography. Index of titles, and names and places in letters. Previous owner's inscription on first free end-paper, else fine in price-clipped dust-jacket. $40.00

Orwell, George: Diaries. Edited by Peter Davidson. Introduction by Christopher Hitchens. Liveright/W. W. Norton. New York: 2012. First American edition.8vo. Boards. Pp. xxii, 598. Short List of Further Reading. Index. Fine copy in dj. $20.00

Charles Osgood: Funny LettersOsgood, Charles (edited by): Funny Letters from Famous People. Broadway Books. New York: 2003. First edition. 8vo. Two-tone boards. Pp. (x), 230. Fine copy in dj. $8.50

The “famous people” include John F. Kennedy, Mark Twain, P. G. Wodehouse, and Groucho Marx whose flights of fancy are indeed amusing.

Pasolini, Pier Paolo: The Letters, Volume I, 1940-1954. Edited by Nico Naldini. Translated by Stuart Hood. Quartet Books. London: 1992. First edition. 8vo. Boards. Fine copy in dj. $18.00

Pound, Ezra and Dorothy Pound: Letters in Captivity, 1945-1946. Oxford University Press. New York: 1999. First edition. 8vo. Cloth-backed boards. As new in dj. $20.00

These more than 150 previously unpublished letters cover the years after the War when Pound was incarcerated in a U.S. Army detention camp outside Pisa, Italy.

Pound, Ezra and James Laughlin: Selected Letters. Edited by David M. Gordon. W. W. Norton. New York: 1994. First edition. 8vo. Cloth. Pp. xxii, 314. Appendix. Index. Remainder mark on bottom edge, else fine copy in dj. $18.00

Renoir, Jean: Letters. Edited by David Thompson and Lorraine LoBianco. Translated by Craig Carlson et al. Faber & Faber. London: 1994. First edition. 8vo. Boards. Pp. xxviii, 612. Illustrated. Fine copy in dj. $18.00

Rolfe, Fr. (Baron Corvo): The Venice Letters. Edited with an Introduction by Cecil Woolf. Woolf. London: 1974. First edition. 8vo. Boards. Two leaves unbound. Fine in dj. $125.00

Rorem, Ned: Wings of Friendship, Selected Letters, 1944-2003. Shoemaker Hoard. N.p.: 2005. First edition. 8vo. Two-tone boards, Pp. xii, 332. (vi). Index. Fine copy in dj. $14.00

Spender, Stephen: Journals 1939-1983. Edited by John Goldsmsith. Faber & Faber. London: 1985. First edition. 8vo. Cloth-backed boards. Slip-case. Number 42 of 150 specially bound copies, signed by the author. As new without dj as issued. $150.00

Strachey, Lytton: The Letters of Lytton Strachey. Edited by Paul Levy. Assisted by Penelope Marcus. Farrar, Straus and Giroux. New York: 2005. FirstAmerican edition. 8vo. Boards. Pp. xxii, 698. Index. Fine copy in dj. $15.00

Jonathan Swift: Letter to Mrs DingleySwift, Jonathan: Letter to Mrs Dingley. July 1, 1712. Facsimile of an autograph letter in pen and ink on two pages, written from Kensington [London] to Mrs Dingley, at her Lodgings over against St. Mary’s Church near Chapel Street, Dublin, Ireland. One leaf folded three times. With intact red wax seal. About 30 x 19 cm. “British Museum” [British Library] stamp. Some of the folds are partially separated; else very good copy. $35.00.

Jonathan Swift (1667-1745), author of Gulliver‘s Travels, met Esther Johnson (1681-1728) when he was 22 and she 8. They remained close all her life. Esther, whom he eventually called Stella, had an older, life-long companion, Rebecca Dingley, who was about Swift’s age. The two women, at his urging, moved to Dublin about 1700. In 1710 Swift was in England to plead the cause of the Irish clergy. He remained there until June 1713, then returned to Dublin for his installation as the Dean of St. Patrick’s. During his time away he often wrote about what he was doing and observing in London. This letter, for instance, relates that his friend, Richard Steele (1672-1729), “was arrested the other day for making a [?], directly against an Act of Parliament. He is now under prosecution, but they think it will be dropped out of pity.” Further, there is reference to his work with Steele on the Spectator which engaged him during the years 1711 and 1712.

The provenance of this letter is unknown. Evidently there are 25 similar letters from Swift in the British Library. They are numbered I and XLI-LXV (1, 41-65). This one bears the number LXVII (67) and is, therefore, out of series. It does, though, have the “British Museum” stamp. How it got out into circulation and ended up with unrelated material which I acquired quite some time ago is a mystery. Further, I have learned that it was reproduced and included in the book The Journal to Stella, A.D. 1710-1713, published by George Bell (London: 1905). What is interesting is how well it was done. In those days printing was by letterpress, and photography was relatively primitive. Lithography may have been an option, although I can not be sure. Further, the British Museum stamp is the same color as the manuscript, whereas it ought to be black. However, the wax seal is perfectly real. Any purchaser should be aware of this. I am happy to discuss the issue.

Thomas, Dylan: The Collected Letters, New Edition. Edited by Paul Ferris. J. M. Dent. London: 2000. First edition thus. 8vo. Boards. Pp. xxvi, 1062. Index. Fine copy in dj. $30.00

Thomas, Edward: Four Letters to Frederick Evans. Tragara Press. Edinburgh: 1978. First edition. 10 leaves sewn into wrappers. Number 140 of 150 copies hand-printed by Alan Anderson. Fine copy. $100.00

Trefusis, Violet: Violet to Vita, The Letters of Violet Trefusis to Vita Sackville-West, 1910-21. Introduction by Mitchell A. Leaska. Edited by Mitchell A. Leaska and John Phillips. Viking. New York: 1990. First edition. 8vo. Cloth-backed boards. Fine copy in dj. $12.00

Kenneth Tynan: The DiariesTynan, Kenneth: The Diaries of Kenneth Tynan. Edited by John Lahr. Bloomsbury. New York and London: 2001. First U.S. edition. 8vo. Boards. Pp. viii, 440. Illustrated. Index. Fine copy in dj. $15.00

Tynan, Kenneth: Letters. Random House. New York, 1998. First American edition. 8vo. Two-tone boards. As new in dj. 12.00

Waugh, Evelyn and Diana Cooper: The Letters. Ticknor & Fields. New York: 1992. First edition. 8vo. Cloth-backed boards. Fine copy in dj. $18.00

Williams, Kenneth: The Kenneth Williams Letters. Edited by Russell Davies. HarperCollins. London: 1994. 8vo. Cloth. Pp. xx, 312. Main correspondents. Index. Fine copy in dj. $32.00

Kenneth Williams starred in the long-running Carry On film series and in many BBC comedy programs, most memorably Round the Horne during the 1960s. He took great care in writing to his friends. In each letters he gave a full measure of his remarkable personality. His correspondents included Maggie Smith, Joe Orton, and Richard Burton.

Williams, Tennessee: The Selected Letters of Tennessee Williams. Edited by Albert J. Devlin and Nancy M. Tischler. New Directions. New York: 2000, 2004.Two volumes. 8vo. Cloth. Fine set. $30.00

Woolf, Leonard: Letters. Edited by Frederic Spotts. Harcourt Brace Jovanovich. New York: 1989. First edition. 8vo. Cloth-backed boards. Pp. xxxviii, 619. Facsimile. Illustrated: (16) pp. plates. Index. Near fine copy. $18.00

To purchase, please send me an e-mail from my ORDER page. Thank you for your interest and support.

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